Equipment for the manufacturing of compound feed

The compound feed is a mixture of plant or animal flour with the addition of organic or inorganic substances, with or withouth additives, which are destined for animal feed.

In the manufacturing of compound feed the raw material is subjected to a process chain that starts with the milling of grains that will be mixed to produce the flour.

There is a dosing process that can take place before or after the procedure (depending on the pre-grinding or premixing design) in which each raw material that is incorporated into the feed is incorporated into the feed is weighed to obtain the right proportions.

The next step is the mixture that consists of the homogenization of all the raw materials incorporated to the feed and the addition of fat and molasses, vitamins, medicines, etc.

This mixture is then subjected to a thermal process using a conditioner, obtaining a better digestibility and utilization of the product and at the same time eliminating pathogens.

The following step is granulation in which we obtain an agglomeration of particles in the form of granules or pellets. After this process, hot and humid feed goes in the cooling system.

Finally, the sifter separates the granule (good product) from the disrupted meals that are merely re-circulated with flour to be pelletized. Subsequently, the pellets can be impregnated with vitamins and other liquids such as oils in a molasses and coater or it can be crumbled for animal consumption, by a piece of equipment named crumbler.