Quality Policy






STOLZ, S.A. is a Company that realize engineering projects and installations in the manipulation and storage of bulk solids area.

The INNOVATION, QUALITY AND EFFCIENCY are our priority and the permanent analyse of our work, the satisfaction of our customers and the constant improvement of our lines of action.

In this objective, we have processes and work methods adapted and sure preserving and protecting the Know-How of the Company and accomplishing with the legislation in force, the requirements of our activity, the contractual security obligations and with the requirements demanded by our customers and all the stakeholders.

We have the following priorities:

1. Detect the necessities of each customer and prepare a work at its measure

2. Prevent and correct the mistakes and defaults through the objective analysis of risks, opportunities and no conformities.

3. Evaluate the process for a continuous improvement, getting systematically information about the development of the projects and Works to appreciate, to adjust, to guide and check the LEVEL OF SATISFACTION of our customers

4. Organize training schemes for our employees to maintain a high level of qualification.