Sectors of activity

Feed industry
Agricultural products are processed for animal consumption. Compound feed, marc, malt and fodder are some examples of feed which get to the market after having been correctly treated.

Chemical and mining industry
This industry extracts and processes both natural and synthetic raw materials. It also transforms them into other substances with different characteristics to the ones they had originally. Its main objective is to develop a quality product with the minimum possible cost. Plastics, fertilizers, mineral materials like cement, lime, sepiolite, plaster or dry clay and organic substances like urea are some of the products produced in these facilities in which Stolz has extensive experience.

Port facilities
One of the main driving forces of the economy of a country is its commercial activity, and a great deal of the import and the export of its products is carried out through sea ports. Port facilities are important for the quality of both the reception and the transaction of goods. Stolz is specialized in building mechanical and pneumatic loading and unloading frames, port silos and equipments for manipulation and storage of bulk solid like ecological hoppers, bucket cranes and commercial circuit or platform scales.

Food industry
Receiving raw materials through an efficient dust collection device, removing debris, cleaning, mixing, grinding, heating the ingredients, including thermal treatment, drying, cooling and eventually crowding them and the shredding, sieving, coating, using pneumatic transport to reduce the risks of contamination, etc. are the processes food like sugar, flour and starch, cereals and oilseeds (maize, wheat, barley, rice, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean) and cocoa, among others, undergo before they reach our hands to be consumed.

Renewable energy and environmental facilities
Renewable energies are increasingly important in our society. Taking care of our planet should be a must nowadays and  the production of this type of energy is an alternative that respects the environment. Currently, Stolz has specialized in the management of bulk solids with which we can produce first and second generation bio-fuels  (Biodiesel, Bio-ethanol), as well as the handling of biomass (wood pellets, straw, etc.). In the environmental area, Stolz has experience in the handling of manure, mud and municipal and industrial solid waste.