Companies Biology & Nutrition and Sovena bet on our machinery

Two of the leading companies in the food and agriculture sector choose to install the RHS model in our range of horizontal counter coolers in their production plants.

The horizontal counter cooler RHS model has a paddle attachment system that provides for a self-cleaning tilting. The transport of the product layer is produced in both the top and bottom area. It has a production capacity of 8 t / h in pet food and 50 t / h in rapeseed or sunflower cake, its manufacture is compact and its vertical volume is reduced
The goal is to bring cooler temperatures and moisture values of products to near room temperature. This operation improves the duration and preservation of the product stored.
Both BYNSA (BIOLOGY AND NUTRITION SA) national leader of dry pet food, and SOVENA leading company in the Portuguese soaps, oils, seeds and olive oil market, are currently in a period of great commercial expansion which has led them to the increase of its production and enlargement of its facilities.