Stolz presented SAGA (Autonomous Grid Auto Selector) at SPACE 2011

STOLZ participated in the SPACE 2011 agricultural trade show that took place in Rennes (France) from 13th to 16th September.

Our RMP hammer-mill, fitted with its ABMS feeder and a self-standing automatic screen selector with 2 or 4 set of grids, SAGA  was displayed and drew the attention of a public eager to see this automaton operating.

The grid exchange operation is always tricky within a grinding installation. It requires a production downtime, the intervention of staff in a highly exposed to noise area, and the handling of heavy grids. 

To overcome these drawbacks STOLZ created SAGA (Self Standing Automatic Grid Selector). This unit can be placed in front of your new or existing hammer-mill. The grid exchange operation can be controlled from the central automaton. 

With a storage capacity of 2 or 4 sets of grids,  SAGA is able to carry out a grid exchange in only a few seconds without any human intervention. It also ensures an accurate traceability of screens. 

SAGA is the ideal companion for a STOLZ hammer-mill from RMP 110 to 116 as it is energy saving and noiseless.

SAGA is provided with its touch control panel and can easily exchange data with its current production automaton.

This trade show was an opportunity for us to become aware of a sustained peak in the current economic trend of animal feed.

More than ever our customers have been trying to improve the quality of their products ,the control of their formulas, and the reliability of their plants.