New sugar silo of 70,000 tons


(OCT- 2017) Stolz has begun work on the expansion of the sugar-producing plant that the cooperative ACOR has in Olmedo (Valladolid). This expansion will mainly consist of the construction of a new concrete silo with capacity to store 70.000 tons of sugar and the installation of all machinery involved in the process of maintenance, transportation and conservation of this product.

This is an ambitious "turnkey" project for which, once again, the cooperative ACOR has relied on our company.
Stolz has been developing the design of the expansion facilities for several months from its technical and engineering departments. Our company has assumed the firm commitment of the construction, assembly and start-up of this project.

The Castilian Leonese ACOR cooperative dedicated to the production and marketing of sugar, edible oils, animal feed, biodiesel and renewable electricity, has selected the company Stolz repeatedly for the development and expansion of its activities. Since 1996, our company has performed various works for ACOR in both the food and biofuel sectors.

It is expected that for the last quarter of 2018 these expansion works have been completed and the facilities can be used to store the product obtained in the campaign that same year.