Stolz involved in the construction of the first bioethanol plant in Europe that runs on corn

In September of 2009 a new plant of bioethanol production plant located in Lacq (France) was inaugurated officially. This new construction, located in the petrochemical complex of Lacq, belongs to the AB Bioenergy France in which Abengoa Bioenergy has a mayority hlding. This is the first bioethanol plant in Europe that uses corn as raw material.

The production system of this plant using corn and low- quality alcohol is common in the United States, but a novelty in our continent. The total annual production capacity is 252 Ml of Anhydrous Ethanol over 335 days of production, broken down into 202 Ml using corn as raw material and 50 Ml from distillation of low quality alcohol.
Stolz has participated in this project constructing the cereal reception area for trucks and wagons, six silos for storage with 65.000 tons of capacity and two daily silos of 525 m3 each and the building of pre-cleaning, cleaning and grain grinding areas. The capacity of reception, cleaning and filling of silos is 300 t/h, being the nominal capacity of grinding 81 t/h, using three hammermills of 450 Kw each and a fourth on standby. Also Stolz has undertaken the construction of DDGS pelletizing building, the pneumatic transport of flours in the dryer outlet, and the filling of the flour warehouse and DDGS pellets expedition wagon. The pelletizing nominal capacity is 33 t/h, using two pelletizer presses of 355 Kw each with two presses starting and the third on standby.