Stolz last building one of the largest bioethanol plants in Europe

Stolz is completing the construction of the last phase that will end one of the largest bioethanol production plants in Europe. It is the lifting of the port area of this new plant, owned by Abengoa Bioenergy Netherlands, in the city of Rotterdam.

To this moment, Stolz has been the responsible of the conception, design and supply “Turn-key” mode of the principal facilities of Abengoa's new and ambitious project. In the first phase of construction was carried out the installation of the receiving unit with a 600 t/h capacity by ship, truck or wagon, cleaning area, storage area with eight 76.824 m3 silos and the grain grinding zone. During the same phase, Stolz constructed the pelletizing unit with a 60 t/h filling of the warehouse and the expedition of DDGS to 400 t/h trucks, wagons or ships.

In the last phase of the building work Stolz is carrying out the lifting of the port area with the installation of an ecologic hopper for grain reception (600 t/h), a link band of cereal transport (600 t/h) and its support structure, a circuit scale of grain reception and expedition, a carrousel sampler, a link band of DDGS transport (400 t/h) and a post of ships load with two mobiles arms.

This new installation has a production capacity up to 480 million liters of bio-ethanol, using corn or wheat as raw materials, and produces over 300.000 tons of DDGS, rich in proteins food composition for cattle. According to Abengoa, the production of CO2 derived from the fermentation of sugars will be available in its entirety for use in the greenhouse industry located in the port.

The plant also has a cogeneration station to produce the energy required in the biochemical process, and surplus electricity generation will be sold in the Dutch national network.